Transform Imagination Into Reality

Over 40 Years of Creating Vibrant Outdoor Spaces That Inspire and Rejuvenate

Landscapes as Living Art

Our landscapes are artistic places that reflect our client's unique personalities and lifestyles. Drawing inspiration from various cultures and design styles, we create landscapes that are beautiful and meaningful. From Japanese Zen gardens to Mediterranean-inspired courtyards, our designs reflect the diverse and rich tapestry of the world around us.

Crafting Sustainable Landscapes

Monaghan Landscape Architects LLC is committed to sustainable practices that benefit the environment and enhance the longevity and beauty of our landscapes. We create visually stunning and ecologically responsible landscapes using stone, water, plants, food, fiber, and flowers in our designs. Drought-tolerant planting schemes and evapotranspiration monitoring irrigation systems create beautiful and environmentally friendly landscapes.


Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Experience

Monaghan Landscape Architects creates vibrant outdoor spaces for a variety of moods, from serene oasis to dynamic living spaces. From organic natural designs to formal geometry, we marry spaces to personalities.