A drawing of trees and bushes in the background.
Entsuji Garden Sketch
A group of people kneeling down on the beach
Hawaii Shotokan Karate

Meet the Principal

Randall likes to travel and appreciates cultural and scenic diversity. Years ago, he lived in Kyoto. He sketched and studied Japanese gardens. Nowadays, in Hawaii, he trains and teaches karate 6 days per week with Hawaii Shotokan Karate. He volunteers at the Bishop Museum, where he is a member of the Bishop Museum Association Council. He enjoys learning about Hawaiian and Pacific cultures. He recently helped design and manage the Atherton Garden renovation. He enjoys fine dining with craft beer, wink, wink.

A drawing of animals in the grass near a wall
Daitokuji Garden Sketch
A group of people sitting at a table in front of a mural.
Bishop Museum Association Council